Bishops’ Key Documents

Key Documents from the Bishops of England and Wales

The Common Good and the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching
Bishops’ Conference, 1996

Statement on Religious Education in Catholic Schools
Bishops’ Conference, 2000

On the Way To Life: Contemporary Culture and Theological Development as a Framework for Catholic Education, Catechesis and Formation
A Study by The Heythrop Institute for Religion, Ethics and Public Life, 2005

Meeting God in Friend and Stranger
Bishops’ Conference Meeting, 2010

Religious Education Curriculum Directory
Bishops’ Conference, 2012

Christ at the Centre
Marcus Stock, 2012

The Distinctive Curriculum of the Catholic School, Guidelines for School Review
National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisers, 2012

Catholic Education in England and Wales
Bishops’ Conference and the Catholic Education Service, 2014

Memorandum on the Appointment of Teachers and Leaders in Catholic Schools
CESEW, 2014

Equality Act 2010 – Guidance for Catholic Schools
CESEW, 2014

National Vocations Framework
National Office for Vocations, 2016

Religious Education in Catholic Schools
CESEW, 2017