Leadership Programmes

I’m very excited to announce that our new Aspiring Leaders’ Programme, ‘The Barnabas Programme’ is now available to CISC deputy and assistant heads. Presented and designed in collaboration with Educarem, it will be an enriching and bespoke formation opportunity for those seeking to lead a Catholic school.

Residential 1 Tuesday 12th – Wednesday 13th January, 2021

Residential 2 Tuesday 18th – Wednesday 19th May, 2021

Educarem offers a subsidy to all participants which brings the cost to £1150. However the CISC Committee has approved additional funding of £500 for CISC participants to further offset costs and make it more feasible for schools to allow colleagues to engage. Therefore the cost for CISC participants is £650. There is a maximum of 8 places available with the potential for additional subsidy for smaller schools, dependent on take-up. If you have a suitable candidate, please get in touch with me: I shall also be in contact to follow up on potential candidates.

Further details about the programme are available via the link below.

If you are considering ‘next steps’ in your career progression and would like to have a chat, please get in touch at: maureen.glackin@catholicindependentschools.com