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Peter & Paul – Teachers and new governors (Residential 1)

Peter & Paul –Teachers and new Governors

Available to CISC’s recently qualified teachers with 3 years experience, those new to teaching in a Catholic school and those new to governance in this setting.    Designed in collaboration with Educarem, it is a formative and informative career development opportunity for colleagues committing to Catholic education.   There are two residentials, study visits to other CISC schools and educational settings, as well as the opportunity to engage in a personal action research project.

Residential 1 Monday 14 – Tuesday 15 November 2022

Residential 2 Thursday 18 – Friday 19 May 2023

The cost of the programme is £950. However there may be small grants available from the CISC Committee to further offset costs and make it more feasible for schools to allow colleagues to engage. In agreement with EducareM, payment can be made over 2 academic years.

Programme experiences and outcomes can be linked to your annual appraisal cycle.

If you are interested or know of a suitable candidate, please get in touch with me.

Further details about the programme are available via the link below.

If you are considering ‘next steps’ in your career progression and would like to have a chat, please get in touch at:

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