Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card Competition 2017

The winner of the Junior Category was Sonny Francis, a Year 7 student at St. Bede’s College. Sonny’s carefully composed collage brings our attention to the Christ child. In a bold use of text, Sonny eschews the use of scripture and uses the phrase, “The night that changed everything.” This conveys the heart of the Christian message but uses a technique borrowed from the kind of public art quotations you’re likely to see in Times Square.

The winner of the Senior Category was Josef Hluchan, a Year 12 pupil at Ratcliffe College. Josef’s delicate watercolour again uses a group composition very effectively to bring our attention to the baby in the crib. The lack of background contextual details gives a more universal and timeless quality to the image, which is entirely appropriate for the birth of the saviour of mankind.

Pictured, in order, are the runner-up in the Junior Category, Amrit Chahil, a Year 7 pupil at New Hall School, the runner-up in the Senior Category, Lucca Clark, a Year 13 pupil at St. Mary’s Cambridge and special merits awarded to Miriam Calzaso Gomez from Saint Christina’s School and Niamh McGarvey from St. Mary’s Hall Stonyhurst.



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Christmas Card Competition 2016

The theme for the 2016 competition was Refugees and Migrants. This challenging theme led to some exceptionally thoughtful and powerful work with over 50 entries. The standard of creativity was, as always, very high.

The winning entry was by Olivia Mitchell, a Year 11 student from St. Edward’s School in Cheltenham.

Runner-up was Yuan Li, a Year 12 student at New Hall School. Her haunting image suggests a divine care for those many thousands of people making the perilous journeys from their homeland.

Special Merits were awarded to Class 1 of Grace Dieu, Manor Prep School; Marcus Muir from Cranmore School; Francesca Mawson from St Mark’s School, Cambridge; Zoe Duffin from Ratcliffe College.