Poetry Competition

CISC Poetry Competition 2018

We are delighted to announce the winning entry for the CISC Poetry Competition 2018 as follows:


Wild Fire

Thanks be to God for Pentecost,
For the fire-free and dreamer-dove,
The wailing wind that lit a flare where the swoop-spirit had passed,
For the plunge-pure gave a freedom-flow to Jesus’ fearful followers,
For the disquieted disciples departing the dazzle-domicile,
Thanks be to God for the free flying feather.

Alice Anderson, Age 13, Leweston School




The mist was thick with sad souls, trapped by their own mind,
The bird of life had come again; leading those who needed leading,
Caring for those who needed caring,
Loving for those who needed loving,
Wind is strong, but comforting,
Fire is scary, but kind,
Lovingly stroking the minds of the lost,
They are now found
Spreading the loving fire,
Until the last day.

Isabel Rivaro, Age 10, Saint Christina’s School

Special Commendations


I am the power that is love,
no one can see me, all can feel me.
I come down from above,
invisible but bright.
I travel through the good and the bad,
to help people find my delight.

We are in a dark room,
the wind passes through.
My body feels a boom,
wild fire flames brings love,
a sharp light fills the air.
We run outside to spread the joy,
let everyone share,
the gift,
the gift of god.

We speak to all.
different languages’,
to small and tall.

There is god in all of us,
everyone knows that now,
there should be no fuss.
God is in me.

Naomi Rich, Age 11, St. Teresa’s Prep School
Personal Pentecost

Wake up. Get dressed. Eat. Then leave.
Work through the length of the day.
Eat dinner. Go to bed. What have I achieved?
Sleep assuages that day’s pain.
I rise next morning and do it again.

Work, in piles, thrown in my direction.
Is there no end to this continuing cycle?
I cannot fulfil my true intention.
I want to help, make conflict cease.
Instead I settle for quiet or ease.

Today’s the day, Carpe Diem they say.
I have embraced the Spirit. New confidence flows
within me. I can now see my way:
teacher, preacher, nurse if you will –
I’ll guide others to use their skill.

Thomas Jamieson, Age 13, Cranmore School

Through trust, faith
When they felt the powers of your body
Through love, care
You gave the apostle’s a gift
Through blessing, dedication
The gift of the Holy Spirit
Through affection, tenderness
You allowed the name of Christianity to spread around the world
Through thankfulness, love
We celebrate the day you showed the world you love us
Through honesty, reality
This day is Pentecost

Kate Davies, Year 7, The Marist School

The joy of Pentecost
The laughter
The happiness
The joy of the Holy Spirit
The greatness
The giggles of children
The hope of life in heaven
The light the great feeling of happiness
The light in the dark of people’s lives
The joy and happiness in the air around us
The song of the birds as they come out to play
The bark of the dogs
The meow of the cats
The day of Pentecost.

Daniel McLarty, Age 9, St Teresa’s School, Princes Risborough
Inside Us

God is with us
The Holy Spirit is his gift
Red of fire blows my head
Inside us is the Holy Spirit

God gave us strength
To spread the story of Jesus Christ
Wind swoops by like a beautiful dove
Inside us is the Holy Spirit

God gave us love
To teach us to care for others
Clouds separate in the light of day
Inside us is the Holy Spirit

Matthew Cha, Age 8, Donhead Prep School