Poetry Competition


In line with one of our strategic aims to provide more opportunities for students in CISC schools, we are delighted to, once again, launch the CISC Poetry Competition for students in CISC schools. The theme for 2018 is “Pentecost’. Details of how to enter can be found in the form below:

The theme for 2017 was “Resurrection” with the winning entries, below:

Senior Category: Winner


Out of darkness, light
When they walk back into your life.
Out of sadness, the joy
When you can see them again.
Out of pain, the comfort
They will bring back to you.
Out of mourning, hope
When the doorbell rings to let them in.
Out of tears, laughter
When they walk in the front door.
Out of screams, giggles
When they trip over the mantelpiece again.
Out of sickness, well again
When they are healed for you.
Out of longing, satisfaction
When they tell you just how much they still love you.
Out of mourning, hope
When the doorbell rings to let them in.

Now you know what it feels like.

James Wilson, Aged 14, Our Lady’s Abingdon


Junior Category: Winner

For she, is me

Her innocence shines through the sepia,
A strong glint of disobedience in her gaze.
Dark eyes flashing with mischief,
A porcelain doll, newly made.

Cloaked in an envelope of card,
Slipped in to a wooden drawer.
This little girl was pushed to the back and forgotten,
Hidden away for almost an eternity.

Then, the day of her funeral, it’s resurrected again.
Released from its haven, 83 years since.
Handed to me, that fearsome girl.
I am looking back at me from a time now forgotten.

Remembering her no longer as a frail old lady,
I realised that once, here, on this day, she was nine, like me.
Proud of her soldier grandson, laughing at my antics.
My great grandmother, for she is me.

Beatrice Carrell, Aged 9, St. Mary’s School, Shaftesbury